HOSPIDENT we are a team of dental specialists commited to our patients, offering a personalized and comprehensive treatment utilizing only the best technology in a warm and safe environment. we are integrated by two generations of dentists: the old school, which has build all the values that we stand for today - ethics of a well done job, empathy for the patient and passion, which is the connection bridge with the new generation, responsible for innovation, creativity and energy rejuvenation. together we form a balanced team with a common vision and an unique skill set. beyond dentistry, we're fascinated by people, by human nature. we focus on the patient, rather than the case. we also struggle to be a social example and to support art and the local market.


Dr. Rafael Orozco Egremy                          C.D. Mayra Miranda Salmerón                Dra. Victoria Aranguibel            Dr. Gabriel A. Murillo Hernandez


HOSPIDENT staff are committed to excellence, allowing us to provide a quality of dentistry that our patients deserve.

¿WHY US? Because we provide you with a comprehensive and advanced approach to achieve optimal oral health and wellness. All of our patients receive the most aesthetic, minimally invasive, caring, cost effective therapies available..
With our Clinic environment and friendly staff, you will feel welcomed and receive the personalized attention you deserve. HOSPIDENT.


Leadership: We are motived by our ability, as collaborators and partners, to awaken a sense of admiration and respect through responsibility and confidence. All members , doctors and staff, are committed toward a common goal.
Teamwork: We seek to integrate all of our resources toward a common objective, understanding that working as a team is party of great dental care.
Perseverance: Our outlook on life is reflected in our work, we are driven by an inner force to succeed as a team.
Impartiality: All the treatments we offer to our patients are under an objective criteria and without bias to be treated respectful and timely without distinction of any kind.
Trust: We create a secure environment for our patients. All our work is backed by experience and responsibility which characterizes us, making us offer the best options for each treatment.
Joy: We receive each patient always with a smile a to serve and to assist with the best dental treatment.
Experience: We are a group of specialists trained extensively in our specialty. All doctors have developed a great skill through professional and educational experience.
Responsibility We are fully aware of our actions corresponding to the patient´s confidence. Delivering on time and form of previously committed work.

HOSPIDENT CANCUN       ¡¡¡ All Dental Specialties in One Place !!!

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