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Dental implants are the new standard of care for people with missing or broken down teeth. You no longer have to rely on dentures, bridges and other removable appliances. And that means that we can help anyone smile with confidence and eat comfortably.

Do you have missing, loose, or badly damaged teeth that make it difficult to eat, chew or embarrassing smile? Dental implants can give you new, beautiful, permanent teeth. Hospident Cancun can provide you with a complete “Smile Makeover.” Bite, chew, and laugh again with complete confidence. Rediscover what food actually tastes like! No more denture adhesives. No more embarrassing moments. No more infected or loose teeth.

We design our treatment plans around each individual’s needs, and no two smile makeovers are the same. This commitment to personalised treatment allows us to deliver superb results. The treatment options listed below are commonly utilised in the process of creating your beautiful, long lasting smile:

On the surgical step we would prefer you to be here for at least 5 days the more the better. Our Oral Maxi-Facial Surgeon will place the implant, completely painless weather your having one or multiple implants placed. We will provide you with pain medication, anti- inflamatory and anti- biotics. To help you heal for the next 4-6 months while you wait for your implants to fuze with your jawbone.

On the restorative phase we will place the restoration of your Choice that you have decide to get weather its dentures surported by implants or Bridges etc. We will take impressions( mold of your mouth) send them to our labatory. You will then make your final trip to have your restoration placed. Will test them on to see if it fits perfectly and most important confortable and make any final adjustments if needed then cement them on or place.

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implantes dentales cancun


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